Test site for Renewable Energy 2020 Edit

This will be the test site for an on-line class titled "Renewable Energy 2020". Wikia has a platform that allows collaboration across different media, allows links to other sites and draws a diverse participant population that would find this topic very interesting.

My name is Zaczek. My job is to teach very non-typical students/employees a vast mix of technical subjects. The name of my organization is Niagara County Community College. The department I work for is The Corporate Training Center. And my goal for this WIKIA program is to build an on-line class to teach renewable energy to anyone who has an interest.

This is my first journey into this WIKIA web technology so will be simultaneously experimenting in this domain as well as writing about Renewable Energy. Since September of 2007 I have been publishing a weekly e-mailed newsletter called ReNews that links to public domain articles on the subject of Alternative Energy, Green Practices, Current and Historical Engineering Developments. That is what brought me to Renewable Energy Design.

By working within this "Catagory" I hope to bring new talent, bright ideas (from outside the 3D box) and build these blocks into a comprehensive collection of material for both traditional and non-traditional students. A cyber area that can be used by middle school teachers (and students) right up to research scholars looking for fresh ideas. A virtual dimension where Einstein's words look more relevant today that when he said them more than half a century ago. Wish me luck.

So please join us with your time, talents, ideas, clarifications, dreams, diagrams, and together we can change the world.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein