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CAD software is useful for preparing drawings and designs, and for other purposes. It would be foolish for the participants in this Renewable Energy Design Wikia to fail to make use of these tools.

Quoting the Wikipedia article List of CAD companies for its links to other Wikipedia articles:

Many Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) companies have produced engineering software (CAD/CAE/CAM/PDM) software from the 1970s through to the present.

Free Libre / Open Source CAD Software (FLOSS) Edit

There are a number of CAD software packages which are true free software, or at least open source software.

The SASHEAC Renewable Energy Design project is presently using BRL-CAD 3D CAD software (homepage) originally developed by the U.S. Army Research Labs (formerly Ballistics Research Labs), and now released under the GPL.

CAD Freeware Edit

This freeware is available free of direct cost, but remember that you must invest significant time learning to use it and hence will become dependent on it. Then you may find it necessary to spend money on a version with more features. In general, the source code is not available, and you cannot fix bugs yourself, or add enhancements. Let the buyer beware.

ProgramDimensionsFormatsOSSizeWhere to get it
Cadvance 6.5 Windows
Windows FelixCad
ProgeCAD LT 2006 2 DWGWindows

See also wikipedia:List of CAD companies#Commercial CAD Software

Low Cost Edit

See wikipedia:List of CAD companies#Commercial CAD Software

Professional Edit

See wikipedia:List of CAD companies#Commercial CAD Software

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